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(Finished) 2023 G7 Official Youth Event
February 19, 2023

“G7 Official Youth Event” targeting youth in their 30s and younger
~ Let's deliver your voice to the G7 leaders ~" was held at the Bunkyo Civic Center (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo). About 70 people on the day
of youth participated face-to-face and online to deepen their understanding of this year's G7 Hiroshima Summit and Y7 Summit,
Discussions and presentations were made on the contents of the proposals.


(Closed) 2023 Y7 Summit Pre-Kickoff
October 22, 2022

A debriefing session for the Y7/Y20 summit 2022 and a kickoff event for the Y7 summit 2023 were held. Please see the link below for information about the event on the day.


(Closed) 2022 Y20 Summit Pre-event
March-May, 2022

At the Y20 2022 Indonesia Summit, a total of four pre-summit events were held in a hybrid format online and on-site from March to June in preparation for the main meeting, and each track (Digital Transformation, Sustainable and Livable Planet, Diversity and Inclusion, Youth Employment), active discussions and discussions were held.

(Finished) 2022 Y7/20 Online Meeting
May 7-8, 2022

We held an opinion exchange meeting for "Y7/Y20 Japanese delegation x young people" and held an online meeting to reflect the voices of Japanese youth towards the Y7 Germany Summit in May and the Y20 Indonesia Summit in July. bottom. Many people participated in the meeting, and we were able to reflect their opinions in the joint declaration.

(End) 2021 Y20 Online Meeting
May 29-30, 2021

We held an opinion exchange meeting of "Y20 Japanese delegation x young people" and held an online meeting to reflect the voices of Japanese young people toward the Y20 Italian summit. Many people participated and expressed their opinions on the joint declarationI was able to reflect


(Closed) 2021 Y7 Summit Pre-event
March-May, 2021

Through the YouThink awareness survey and three events, we were able to obtain the opinions of 1,024 Japanese young people. The first was for college students and working people, and the second and third were for junior high and high school students. Based on these, the Y7 delegation discussed the policies to be reflected in the joint declaration, and after a month-long negotiation period, they decided to discuss the issues of youth in the G7 countries, including the issues that Japanese youth consider most important. We were able to reflect our priorities in the Y7 joint declaration.

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