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About G7/G20 Youth Japan

g7 g20 youth japan

​- Who we are -


Solving international issues and making a difference for a better future

Value Creation

  • Providing value to decision makers on international issues:

        1) Collecting and understanding the opinions of the youth generation

        2) Delivering youth opinions to decision-making place

  • Providing value to Japanese youth:

        3) Create opportunities to reach decision makers with youth opinions

        4) Create opportunities to deepen knowledge on international issues

        5) Connecting youths who are interested in international issues​


  • Selection and dispatch of Japanese delegations to Y7/Y20

  • Host Y7/20  when Japan hosts G7/G20

  • Planning and organizing events

  • Partnership

​- What we do-


➀Selection and dispatch of Japanese delegations to Y7/Y20

​We select, train, and dispatch Japanese delegations to Y7 & Y20 Summits, which are held annually by the host countries of G7 and G20 Summits.


➁Host Y7/20  when Japan hosts G7/G20

​We host Y7 & Y20 Summits when Japan hosts G7 and G20 Summits. We hosted Y7 Summit in 2016, Y20 Summit in 2019, and Y7 Summit in 2023.


➂Organizing events/ Questionnaire

We plan and organize various events for the purpose of providing value to decision makers on international issues and value to Japanese youth (see Value Creation above). ​​



We form a partnership and engage in activities in addition to Y7/Y20 (for example, most recently, proposal to Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games).

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