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g7 g20 youth japan

On March 24, 2018, "Y7 / Y20 2018 Pre-Event [Gender Issues]" was held.


[Event name] G7 / G20 Youth Summit 2018 Pre-event [Gender issues]

[Organizer] G7/G20 Youth Japan

[Support, etc.] WAW! official side event sponsored by the Japanese government, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

[Date and time] Saturday, March 24, 2018 13:30-17:30

[Location] Bunkyo Gender Equality Center (5 minutes walk from Hongo Sanchome Station)

[participation fee] 1000 yen

[Participation target]High school students to adults under the age of 30

[Cooperation (photographer)] Takashi Sawano (Waseda University Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering, Department of Architecture)

the purpose

[1] Create a forum for exchanging opinions with the Y7/Y20 Japanese delegation on gender issues, and reflect more thoughts and feelings of Japanese youth in policy proposals for Y7/Y20 in 2018.  (Y7 Summit in Canada in May 2018, Y20 Summit in Argentina in August 2018)

[2]Create a forum for exchanging opinions on gender issues with advisors to increase understanding and interest in gender issues.


g7 g20 youth japan

Before the group discussion, we received a lecture from Ms. Yonamine of the Office for the Promotion of Women's Participation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to acquire basic knowledge about gender issues​. Gender issues both domestically and internationallyIt was an opportunity for the participants to deepen their understanding of gender issues.

group discussion

g7 g20 youth japan

Afterwards, we were divided into groups and had discussions on the following topics. During the discussion, advisors rotated the group and provided advice.

[1] Gender x Empowerment

[2] Gender x Education

[3] Gender x Media

[4] Gender x SDGs

[5] Gender × work style reform, etc.)

[6] Gender x Violence



​ Click on the pictures below to see the profiles of our advisors (in alphabetical order).

Y7/Y20 delegation members

​Y7/Y20 delegation members who attended on the day are as follows.

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